Spring Morning

I think - I hope that Spring is just around the corner now. It seems that the days are getting a little longer and a little warmer. A very little that is, I still prefer to stay inside but I actually got to do a little bit of clearing up in the garden today. It's a mess to say the least. Both in front of the house and in the back yard. We've had a lot of problems this winter with first water in the basement (=digging up the back yard), then we had to replace our heating system (=digging up the front yard) and then as I've mentioned we were suddenly without electricity around New Years Eve so they had to dig up the front yard again. 2008 was so not our year but I guess with all that digging 2009 will be as good a time as ever to finally start the big remodeling of the garden as we've had planned since we moved in 2 years ago. Lets hope we'll get a semi dry Summer.

From my office window I look straight at a huge old walnut tree and somewhere between checking emails at the office and doing some Spring cleaning in the garden I got inspired by this big beautiful tree. It is beautiful even without any leaves. So here's what my inspiration got me - and got you. Here's my Spring Morning Quick Page. Enjoy - and do remember to leave a comment, I love reading them.

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På opfordring - her er lidt kærlighed til jer

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Love Thee - the red collection

I made a little paper back to go with yesterdays freebie, Love Thee. I hope you'll love the red just as much as I do. Valentines is coming up pretty soon so there'll be plenty of possibilities to use it.

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I'm still breathing....

Just! Life has been so incredible busy but I figured it was time for a new freebie. Enjoy and while you are at it - a thank you is always appreciated.

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