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It's been a while and all sorts of things has happened in my life. Every morning I've told myself that this was going to be the day where I got the blog updated again but I haven't been all smiles and laughter lately so I figured I might as well not do it.

But today I've got a freebie for you. I'm working on a kit at the moment using a color swatch the DSP designers are using at the moment to make a series of kits that match in colors. (Check out that challenge here) I wanted to give it a try myself after not having done any designing for some time. I suddenly felt very limited that I only had PSE 5.0 to use and thought I might as well give up. But here I am again, not really able to give up entirely.

So enjoy your freebie. Download here

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Do you believe in signs?

I’ve fought it for so long. I really don’t want to believe in signs because for me that means admitting to that there’s more between heaven and earth and it is not for us to totally understand. And I feel the most comfortable when I understand what’s going on around me.

When I turned on the TV this morning, the show ‘The Doctors’ were on and they were talking about how to know if you were having a heart attack. Later as I was reading there was a character in the book that died of heart failure. I should have known that something was up. I had similar experiences when both my grandmother and my father died.

Today Thursday August 6, 2009 my youngest aunt died. My youngest aunt who wasn’t even 50 yet died after having cardiac arrest. She was sitting at the kitchen table and had just finished playing a game with my uncle who was making jokes. They were talking about the trip they were going to make next week. Life was good. And then she just died – totally out of the blue.

And I just don’t understand. I don’t understand how a woman who was sitting in my garden not two weeks ago feeling better then ever could just die.

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