It's more like a series of events...

Blog Prompt: Of the major events that have happened in your lifetime, what do you feel has had the most impact on you and how?

What is a major event? Where does it start and where does it end? What about all those small things that lead up to the so called big event? Don’t they count and who’s to say they don’t have as big a role on the impact as the major event?

I’ll give you an example. Meeting my husband was a major event. One of those you might even call life altering. But to meet my husband I had to call a friend I hadn’t seen in six months. I wouldn’t have called her if it wasn’t because that the guy I fancied at the time had suddenly decided to spend his Saturday evening differently then planned and I needed someone to entertain me. But then again, I wouldn’t have been involved with that guy in any way if I hadn’t sad & drunk said that a guy like him would make a great rebound guy after a failed relationship, to a mutual friend. And I would certainly never have said that if things had gone differently in my old relationship, a relationship that cost me my friendship with the first mentioned friend.

You are beginning to understand where I’m heading, right? I can’t say exactly what step on my way to true love (and it still is after 8 years together) had the most impact on my life. One thing wouldn’t have happened without the other.

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Music that makes me go...

I saw this on another blog and had to do it as well. I'm a huge music lover and truely believes that music can enhance or even alter my mood.

Top 40s at the moment:
That's going to be a Danish song. I can listen to this over and over again the entire day and still feel a little bit in love with the song. It's Rasmus Seebach with Glad igen (Happy again)

Songs that give you spirit when you are down:
I can not hear this and not get a huge smile on my lips. It has such a lovely beat. It's Natalie Imbruglia with Glorious

Faith Hill - The Way You Love Me
It's the song my husband and I danced our first dance (after the traditional wedding walz) to at our wedding.

Don't ask me why but the first song that I think of is Marvin Gaye - Lets get it on

Quickly followed by Justin Timberlake & Ciara with Love Sex Magic

I hate my ex songs:
Sara Bareilles - Gravity
I know the obvious pick would be some angry song but this song reminds me so much of an old ex and reminds me every time why I ended up hating him as much as I did back then...

But in the end Trisha Yearwoods I would have loved you anyway works too. Because at the time of my life it really didn't matter how he treated me. I neeeded him to be able to move on and be ready for the next big love. 'For a moment in time' I loved him.

R&B night....

Bodies with Robbie Williams, because lets face it. No matter how hot the guy is, he is just as excentric! And this number is no exception.

Anything works here. Almost anything but from the more recent british singers I really like Pixie Lott

I started with a Danish song and I'll end with another one. This is 17 year old Basim with the song to his father that has cancer. The song is about his fear of loosing him, he sings that heaven has too many angels and that he needs him here. That time is the best he give him. It is such an adorable song.

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Keeping busy

Suddenly I found myself caught up in the DET contest at DSP and finishing my kits for SNL and totally forgot about coming back here and update. Well where do I begin?
I made it back on the Digital Elite Team at Digital Scrapbook Place and for those of you that don't know it, the DET is the Creative Team for the entire store at DSP. It was a really hard contest this time and as we entered the last round I felt that it would be okay if I didn't make the team. So I was extremely excited when I made the team. So I've been busy scrapping and absolutely love being back and getting to scrap with all kinds of kits.
Here's a few of my layouts so far.

Fresh N New Mega kit by DSP Designers

Tropical Dreams by Heidi Kuester

Toad-ily Inspired Blendable Paper Kit by Kim Liddiard Famous Authors: Oliver Wendell Holmes word art by Tina Chambers

I've even had time to finish my SNL kit for October already. The theme was Teen Grunge and the colors were very bright and funky. I didn't think I'd finish so fast but I actually made this in an afternoon. And I love how it turned out

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