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The color purple

I love purple. There's no other color that calms me as much and my absolute favorite place in my garden is to sit at the stairs up to the house next to my flowerbed filled with lavenders. The sight and the smell can clear away any trouble I might be having. But for some reason I seldom use it when I scrap. Well that was until now.
Another one who loves purple is a fellow DET alumni. She got married this past weekend and although I for obvious reasons couldn't be there I was lucky enough to get to scrap one of the many photos taken. Here's a free tip for you. Want to be sure you have a lot of scrap worthy photos from your party? Invite a group of scrappers!
For both layouts I used the kit that DSP designer Lauren Bavin made especially for the wedding. Her Love's Dream Value Collection. It is absolutely stunning and I know that it will be a kit I'll use over and over again.

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There's no shortcut to success

Sometimes I find it difficult to be such a perfectionist but I took a trip down memory lane today and realised that perhaps it's only a good thing. I've been a wannabe designer for about two years now and some of you old followers of this blog might remember that I've gone through a number of blog names and styles.

I made my first kit back in March 2008 under the name 'The Basic Scrap'. A fabulous collection of badly extracted photos that I had run some kind of filter on. To add to the overall look of quality I had made some flat papers and of course just recolored them so I could fill up the kit. Lord what was I thinking? Well actually I know what I was thinking... I thought I was the top of the pop with this kit.
Moving on to the days of 'Just scrap me silly'. I had just discovered the glorious world of actions and never had a kit been easier to make. So I did a whole series of 'Jack & Jill'. I thought I was really rocking the digital scrap world with this new style and felt so proud. I couldn't wait for someone out there to discover my abilities and couldn't believe they couldn't see what I saw. I understand fully today. In fact if there's anything I don't understand today it is why I was obviously so ignorant.
After this I sort of lost courage and began to realise that perhaps I just didn't have what it takes and I turned my attention back to being a scrapper, not a designer. And I had two fantastic terms at the best and most competitive creative team out there. I really found my own individual style as a scrapper during that period and perhaps that's what ultimately encouraged me to give designing a try once more. From first hand I knew what I definitely didn't want to do. No actions, no bad extractions, no recoloring. But I can tell you now, that there are miles between knowing what you don't want to to - to knowing what you do want and I've pretty much used all of 2010 on finding out where I was heading.

This is my latest completed kit - and I love it. It is not going to revolutionize the scrap world in any way, but it is the best I've ever done. Gone are all the bad 'want-to-sound-cool' names. It is just plain Jeanet A these days.
I even managed to get a layout done which I never could with my earlier attempts. Back then I didn't understand that. I was an okay scrapper and my kits as I've just shown you were fabulous. Then why didn't they work? I know the answer to that question now. They didn't work because they were awful.
I'm probably working more on my designs these days then my scrapping. I've read a million tutorials and books and finally realised that if you want to be good, like really good, at something, then there are no shortcuts, at least not for me - and for the time being I remain just a wannabe designer.

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Template Heaven 005

Right now I'm so tired I can hardly stay awake long enough to write this. It has been an exhausting day at work and when I got home and just needed to upload the file I almost gave up since Media Fire which I usually use didn't work. But here it is... finally, based on one of my absolute favorite layouts.
Products: Yours Trulee Value Collection by Marcee Duggar & Maskee Set 1 Large Clipping Masks by Marcee Duggar

Products: Little Explorer by Nicole Young

And here's your freebie.

Download here


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Template Heaven 004

I used to be so bad at making layouts with more then one photo and these days it seems that it is all I'm making, and even when I only use one photo I still manage to make it look like more. It's funny to look at how my style has changed since I began my scrapping adventure. In the beginning I only used one photo and filled the page with it, these days I'm using lots of photos and keeping them small. I think the real change came after I got layouts printed for the first time and I realized that even if I made the photos smaller, they would still be pretty big - oh and journaling doesn't need to be more then a size 14 at the most, even if it looks pretty small on your screen, it is still very readable.

Another thing that helped me think about my style, is working with templates and speaking of which here's your freebie template this week.

The template this week I made back in March after spending a great day at the beach playing and taking too many photos that I desperately wanted to scrap. I used Mandy by Meryl Bartho, Mandy Page AOP by Meryl Bartho, Kaybutler Page Kit by Meryl Bartho, Stitched With Love Basics by Meryl Bartho & Hang The Alpha - Custom Chipboard by Meryl Bartho

For the second layout I used Brushed On Watercolour by Lauren Bavin, not only for blending the photo but also to blend two backgrounds together. The white one seemed too plain and the purple too much, but the combination of them is just right!
The white paper is from Lovee Grungee Back Pack by Marcee Duggar, there's a word art from Wordee Deluxe Word Art Set 4 by Marcee Duggar and the rest is from Passionfruit Purple Page Kit by Suzanne C Walker

Which just leaves the freebie preview. I hope you'll find it useful

Download right here

See ya next Monday

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Template Heaven 003

It's Monday and you know what that means. A new freebie template!

But before we get to that I wanted to share a bit of music with you. On Danish television there's an ad running at the moment which uses this beautiful song which I kept singing to myself so of course I had to look it up and the full song is even more amazing then just the little part they are using in the ad.

Every word of this song reminds me of every dream I ever had as a child and on hand it makes me kind of sad because I remember all the unfulfilled dreams. On the other it is a beautiful reminder of dreams in general and the courage to follow them. Oh I could listen to this song all day long.

But back to your freebie. The first layout is a brand new one which I just finished this afternoon. I'm slowly, very slowly, coming back to my routine with a layout a day. I used This I Promise by Tina Chambers, This I Promise by Tina Chambers, Heartbeats page kit by Tina Chambers, Stitched With Love Basics by Meryl Bartho & Photoshop and PSE Text Paths Set 3 by Lauren Bavin. The cute boy is of course my friend Susanne's cute son from when we had dinner with them a couple of weeks ago. For this layout I turned the template and moved the photos together to one cluster.

The second layout I made for my swap partner Heather. I used I Wanna Play Too Value Collection by Kim Liddiard & Play All Day Value Collection by Elizabeth Weaver which you might remember from last weeks template. I love the DSP value collections. They are such a great deal.

And here's the template freebie. I would love if you left a comment on my blog if you download. I can see how many download my freebies, but I would love to hear from you as well. It would be nice to know who it is that is stopping by my blog.

Download here

And since I've managed to upload a template for you two weeks in a row now I won't hesitate but to promise, that there'll be a new freebie template next Monday.

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Sick dog means freebie for you

We were supposed to enjoy a couple of days off work together but like always sometime came up. Our poor doggy got sick Tuesday and he's kept us pretty busy, running back and forward to let him out in the garden, trying to pursued him to drink a little and just in general keeping an eye on him.

Fever and vomiting for such a small dog can be quite exhausting for both dog and owner and we've been forced to stay at home. He seems to be getting better but he still sleeps a lot. Probably dreaming off a cuddle with my husband whenever he gets home again.
We weren't even up this morning before the first work related call came for my husband and within an hour it was ringing so much that he simply ignored it before rushing off to fix whatever the situation was this time. So much for some time together.

At least it gives me some guilt free computer time which is always nice. So this week I've got an extra freebie for you. I used my freebie Template no 2 and a kit I've been working on. Some days I don't think I'll ever finish enough kits to actually apply somewhere as a designer but that's just another thing to fight with when being a perfectionist.

Hopefully somewhere out there in the big world it is Spring so you have photos to use with this. Enjoy!

Download here

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Template Heaven 002

When I named my last freebie Template no 1 it was with every intention to give you another, but life got in the way, which seems to happen a lot to me. But here it is, finally and like the last time I've already used it - for two different layouts.

The first one is using the new mega Military Mega Kit by DSP Designers. If you have family members in the military or scrap heritage, you'll need this kit.

I don't scrap nearly as many heritage layouts as I would like. I love history and often find myself going too much into details that doesn't refer particularly to my own family but to the events of the time. So making heritage layouts always takes longer for me then any other type of layouts. I constantly want to know more.

The other layout was much easier. It took 15 minutes at the most but I still love it just as much as the other layout. Of course it always helps the scrapping along when you are inspired and have a template to work from. You'll notice that none of my layouts are an exact use of the template. My inspiration came from these two new kits I Wanna Play Too Value Collection by Kim Liddiard & Play All Day Value Collection by Elizabeth Weaver. I love the colors and fantastic playful design of these kits and since I saw them in the store I had this song from Aladdin in my head - A Whole New World, so picking the photos to use wasn't hard at all

So here's the download link for the template. I hope you'll find it useful - and I'll try to be back next Monday with a new template.

Download here

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Do you swap?

I have taken part in a million different challenges since I began digi scrapping but the one I always return to and love the most, is digital swaps. Basically you pair up with someone else and swap photos to scrap for each other.

I love it because not only do you get a set of brand new photos (something new always triggers my creativity) but you also get an exclusive look into someone else life. It's not so much the layouts in them selves. It's the fact that we can sit all over the world, in different time zones and feel passionate about the same thing and want to do our absolute best with this small portion of their life - for someone who would have been a stranger if it wasn't for scrapping.

I get excited every time I realize just how small the world is. Somehow it makes it feel like a less lonely place, right?

If you want to join in on the fun next time, look here around March 1st when the next sign up thread will come up. You have a week to sign up and then 3 weeks to swap photos and make the layout for your partner. I hope to see you there.

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Template Heaven 001

Do you use templates? I did when I first started out scrapping but it didn't take me long to feel like they were in reality limiting my own creativity instead of helping it along. I didn't feel like the finished layout was my layout, but the product of someone else creativity.

This was only until I understood, that a template doesn't only have one look. You can flip it, add to it, only use parts of it and so on and so on. For most scrappers this might seem obvious but to me this was quite the revelation and it has helped me to make some of my best and quickest done layouts. And lets face it, we all want to do well – and do it fast, right?

Here's two different uses of the same template and neither of them are an exact version of the original template. For the first layout I added an extra layer to the template so instead of it being a multiple photo template I only used one photo and filled the original layers with background papers.

For the second layout I duplicated all my layers and resized this group a bit. I then took both groups and moved them to opposite sides of the layout to fit in even more photos.

Now it is your turn. Download the template and find your own style while using it. Feel free to come back here and link it once you've finished your layout, I'd love to see what you've come up with.

Download it here

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The end of something, the beginning.... of what?

As a member of a creative team I often struggle with the fact that I mostly scrap in boyish colors. Apart from nature and the occasional layout about my self I make layouts about my husband, my dog, my friends' adorable son, Xander, who's the star of many of my more recent layouts and recently my two godsons Alexander & Victor.
So February has been a tough month for me with all these purple and pink kits out there because of Valentines and perhaps that's why I'm secretly beginning to look a bit forward to the end of March when my current DET term ends. (Which reminds me - if you want a scrapping experience of a lifetime - the sign up is now open for the DET contest starting March 1st. Find it right here) It is really an amazing experience and I'm so glad that I did it - both times because I've learned so much. But like always the end of something makes me wonder what to do next.

Obviously there's the whole designing thing. It seems like I've talked about it forever and really done nothing about it, but I guess that has something to do with having ridiculous high expectations to myself.
But then there's everything else. Work, family life - sometimes just breathing seems like a challenge. I thought last year that is was going to be a year of change but change never came and the more time passes, the more I realize that my life won't change, if I don't. I'll be 30 in a couple of months and I'm still as confused as when I was 20. Life isn't supposed to be like that, right?
I've had an offer, which could very well be the thing I'm supposed to do. The thing that will make all this make sense and I've been thinking a lot about it, but seriously I think, I need to stop thinking and just do! But I'm afraid to fail.
How do you get rid of that fear, how do you move on? Any advice would really be appreciated.

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That's just beachy...

I just had a look back on my blog entries and realised I haven't mentioned my design dreams since August. Well they are still very much alive although I'm still not sure if I'll ever be able to make kits on command. I haven't even been able to finish any SNL kits these past two months, not feeling up to using the kit theme or color scheme. But I still design. Here's the latest kit I did.
I even got a layout made with it which is so unsual for me. And if I can't scrap with my own kits then how could I expect others to do it?

Apart from that life is as much the same as it was in August. I'm still a member of the world's best creative team at Digital Scrapbook Place (I might be a bit partial on that one, so forgive me), still enjoying married life and still looking for a new job instead of the one I have right now.

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Ready or not... Here I come

We don't really have any New Years tradition any longer. I'm not even sure we ever had any besides from year after year being together with the same group of people and usually getting too much to drink. You know the usual NY's parties in your early 20s. But it all changed when we got the dog. He just doesn't like fireworks and we are supposed to always look out for him, including NY's eve. So recent years we've been home. A nice relaxed dinner (with still too much to drink) with a few friends. A lot of smalltalk and just a wonderful evening in generel.

Last night was exactly like that. We all had a great evening (even the dog seemed to relax just a bit more then earlier) As I woke up this morning I felt ready to meet a new year with whatever the challenges it will give. I think I'm ready for 2010, only question is - is 2010 ready for me?

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