The color purple

I love purple. There's no other color that calms me as much and my absolute favorite place in my garden is to sit at the stairs up to the house next to my flowerbed filled with lavenders. The sight and the smell can clear away any trouble I might be having. But for some reason I seldom use it when I scrap. Well that was until now.
Another one who loves purple is a fellow DET alumni. She got married this past weekend and although I for obvious reasons couldn't be there I was lucky enough to get to scrap one of the many photos taken. Here's a free tip for you. Want to be sure you have a lot of scrap worthy photos from your party? Invite a group of scrappers!
For both layouts I used the kit that DSP designer Lauren Bavin made especially for the wedding. Her Love's Dream Value Collection. It is absolutely stunning and I know that it will be a kit I'll use over and over again.

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There's no shortcut to success

Sometimes I find it difficult to be such a perfectionist but I took a trip down memory lane today and realised that perhaps it's only a good thing. I've been a wannabe designer for about two years now and some of you old followers of this blog might remember that I've gone through a number of blog names and styles.

I made my first kit back in March 2008 under the name 'The Basic Scrap'. A fabulous collection of badly extracted photos that I had run some kind of filter on. To add to the overall look of quality I had made some flat papers and of course just recolored them so I could fill up the kit. Lord what was I thinking? Well actually I know what I was thinking... I thought I was the top of the pop with this kit.
Moving on to the days of 'Just scrap me silly'. I had just discovered the glorious world of actions and never had a kit been easier to make. So I did a whole series of 'Jack & Jill'. I thought I was really rocking the digital scrap world with this new style and felt so proud. I couldn't wait for someone out there to discover my abilities and couldn't believe they couldn't see what I saw. I understand fully today. In fact if there's anything I don't understand today it is why I was obviously so ignorant.
After this I sort of lost courage and began to realise that perhaps I just didn't have what it takes and I turned my attention back to being a scrapper, not a designer. And I had two fantastic terms at the best and most competitive creative team out there. I really found my own individual style as a scrapper during that period and perhaps that's what ultimately encouraged me to give designing a try once more. From first hand I knew what I definitely didn't want to do. No actions, no bad extractions, no recoloring. But I can tell you now, that there are miles between knowing what you don't want to to - to knowing what you do want and I've pretty much used all of 2010 on finding out where I was heading.

This is my latest completed kit - and I love it. It is not going to revolutionize the scrap world in any way, but it is the best I've ever done. Gone are all the bad 'want-to-sound-cool' names. It is just plain Jeanet A these days.
I even managed to get a layout done which I never could with my earlier attempts. Back then I didn't understand that. I was an okay scrapper and my kits as I've just shown you were fabulous. Then why didn't they work? I know the answer to that question now. They didn't work because they were awful.
I'm probably working more on my designs these days then my scrapping. I've read a million tutorials and books and finally realised that if you want to be good, like really good, at something, then there are no shortcuts, at least not for me - and for the time being I remain just a wannabe designer.

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